The main aim of the Solovyov Studies is promotion of scientific achievements and innovative practice in the field of philosophical, literary and publicistic heritage of V.S. Solovyov and other representatives of Russian philosophy, literature and culture, that is an important condition for the successful development of the relevant branches of the Humanities.

To achieve this goal, the Editorial Board of the journal, which includes representatives of leading scientific schools in Russia and other countries, carefully selects original author's materials containing research on topical issues of V.S. Solovyov's legacy, as well as publishing archival documents, research in the fields of philosophical knowledge - ontology and theory of knowledge, history of philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, social philosophy, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture, philosophy of religion, and religious studies; research in the fields of philological science – Russian literature, literature of the peoples of foreign countries, literary theory and textual studies; research in the field of theory and history of culture.