2013. Issue 2 (38)

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In commemoration of the 160th anniversary of V.S. Solovyov’s birthday

  • Moiseev V.I. On Two Metaphysical Models and Vladimir Solovyov’ Philosophy
  • Parilov O.V. Hiliastic Background in Dostoevsky’s Works Formed under the Influence of V.S. Solovyov’s Theocratic Concept
  • Glazkov A.P.  Сreation of World and History Sense in Historiosophy of V.S. Solovyov and G.V. Florovsky

Monograph in the journal

  • Smirnov M. The last Solovyov. Life and creativity of the poet and the priest Sergey Solovyov (1885–1942)

To the 90th anniversary of «Philosophical steamship»

  • Levchenko V.V. History of «Philosophical Steamship» from Odessa: Events, Facts, People
  • Evlampiev I.I. Ivan Il’yn and Alexander Kozhev: Russian Version of European Neo-hegelianism
  • Garziano S. Russia of the Past or Russia of the Future? (about Fedor Stepun’s Article «Soviet and Emigrant Literature in the Twenties»)
  • Cordun V.A. «Sociology of Revolution» of Pitirim Sorokin, Scientific Work and Author: Fate in Emigration
  • Galcheva T.N. Philosophy Exercises as Foundation of Court Decision (on Archival Materials of Bulgarian Service of State Security Department)
  • Rashkovsky E.B. Yakov E. Golosovker: Philosophy in Search of Man

Methodological problems of the humanities

  • Shukurov D.L. Formation of Psychoanalytic Approach to Studying Culture in Europe and in Russia

Criticism and bibliography

  • Kolychev P.M. Eternal Human Being about Igor Evlampiev’s Book: «Andrey Tarkovskiy’s Artistic Philosophy»
  • Bragin A.V. Ontology to History in Creative Interpretation of the Marxist: about the Book of F.V. Chann-kay-si «Philosophy of History. The History of Humanistic Measurement»

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