2012. Issue 1 (33)

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Vladimir Solovyev and culture of silver age

  • Sukhodub T.D. Philosophical, literary and poetical works: Vladimir Solovyov and symbolism of Silver age Dimitrova N.I. Symbolistic stroke of the occult portrait of the Silver age
  • Voznyakevich E.E. Reflection issue of mystical experience in Vladimir Solovyev and Viacheslav Ivanov's works
  • Fedotova S.V. Antithesis of science and art of VI. Solovyov. Vyach. Ivanov and V. Ern
  • Gusev D.V. Anthropological aspects of eschatology in the philosophical poetry of VI. Solovyov and A. Bely

Vladimir Solovyev and russian literature

  • Nepomnyashchiy I.B. On one of the possible sources of V. Solovyov's article about Tyutchev
  • Nizhnikov S.A. Faith and miracle in russian thought
  • Efimova N.M. On Andrey Platonov's cosmism
  • Sukhova A.V. (Not) lonely spirit (V. Solovyov and M. Tsvetaeva: coincidence in aesthetic discource)
  • Suslov P.A. Vladimir Nabokov's poetry: «trace of Vladimir Solovyov»
  • Taganova N.L. V. Nabokov and F. Dostoyevsky: eternal dialogue

Methodology of historical and philosophical researches

  • Simonenko T.I. Education problem in russian philosophy: searches for ontological foundations
  • Sidorin V.V. Interpretation of Hegel's dialectics in Vladimir Solovyev's «Justification of the good»

Historiosophy and social philosophy

  • Glazkov A.P. «The first resurrection» in historical and ascetic understanding of eschatological historiosophy: Vladimir Solovyov and Ignatius Bryanchaninov
  • Kozlova O.V. Personality and society in K.D. Kavelin s liberal publicism