Reference list

The reference list includes only scientific and equivalent publications (articles, monographs, authorship certificates). References to normative documents (laws, regulations, standards) should be made as footnotes in the text of the article.

The section of the bibliographic reference should include two versions of the list of references:

1. The list in Russian language (to be issued in accordance with the applicable requirements).

2. The list in the Roman alphabet (References).

A bibliographic reference in the References list must contain only elements that are significant for analytical processing in the INC (authors' surnames, source name, reference entry).

Examples of book publications and journal articles formatting:

  1. For book publications in Russian (monographs, collected works, conference proceedings), transliteration of the original title (in italics) and English translation of the title (in square brackets) is mandatory, for example: (monograph):

Трубецкой Е.Н. Миросозерцание Вл.С. Соловьева. Т. II. М.: Медиум, 1995. 622 с.

Trubetskoy, E.N. Mirosozertsanie Vl.S. Solov'eva. T. II [V.S. Solovyov’s Worldview]. Moscow: Medium, 1995. 622 p.

chapter, section from the book:

Евлампиев И.И. «Высшие» и «низшие» типы Достоевского (об одной важной теме «Дневника писателя») // Достоевский и мировая культура. Альманах. № 30(2). СПб., 2013. С. 283–306.

Evlampiev, I.I. «Vysshie» i «nizshie» tipy Dostoevskogo (ob odnoy vazhnoy teme «Dnevnika pisatelya») [«Higher» and «lower» types of Dostoevsky (about one important topic of the «Diary of a Writer»)], in Dostoevskiy i mirovaya kul'tura. Al'manakh [Dostoevsky and world culture. Almanac]. Saint-Petersburg, 2013, no. 30(2), pp. 283–306. (in Russian)

2. for journal articles, two versions of the description (full and condensed) are allowed:

full version:

Назарова О. Новейшая рецепция творчества Вл. Соловьева в Германии: Петер Элен // Соловьевские исследования. 2016. Вып. 3(51). С. 69–82.

Nazarova, O. Noveyshaya retseptsiya tvorchestva Vl. Solov'eva v Germanii: Peter Elen [The latest reception of Vl. Solov’ev’s works in Germany: Peter Ehlen], in Solov'evskie issledovaniya, 2016, issue 3(51), pp. 69–82. (in Russian)

condensed version (transliteration and translation of the article title are omitted):

Назарова О. Соловьевские исследования. 2016. Вып. 3(51). С. 69–82.

Nazarova, O. Solov'evskie issledovaniya, 2016, issue 3(51), pp. 69–82.

Considering that the automatic reference processing tools used by SCOPUS have many settings, you can use other English terms in the reference entry formatting if necessary. For example, since Russian journals are usually not divided into volumes, you can use the term issue.


Example of creating a source reference that has a DOI index:

Maximov M. V. Vladimir Solovyov and Maxim the Confessor: metaphysics and theology of love // Solovyov’s studies. 2020. Issue 1 (61). Pp. 31-46. DOI: 10.17588/ 2076-9210.2020.1.031-046


To get the source DOI, you can access the resource and fill in one of the suggested forms.