Review policy

All articles undergo one-way blind peer review. As reviewers, scientists are invited from the members of the editorial board, as well as highly qualified specialists of third-party organizations with the necessary professional knowledge, experience and publications on the subject of the reviewed article.


The reviewer, performing the work entrusted to him, should be guided by accepted ethical standards.

The review provides a comprehensive and objective assessment of the content and structure of the article, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the article, assessment of the scientific level of presentation of the material.

The reviewer should carry out an examination of the received manuscript in the following positions:

General requirements:

- compliance with the rules for the design of articles adopted in the Solovyov Studies;

- correspondence of the article to the subject of the magazine. In case of non-compliance with the journal profile, the article is removed from work;

- completeness of the main research results reflected in the abstract;

Content requirements:

- whether the content of the article corresponds to the topic stated in the title of the article; does the title reflect the main result of the work?

- relevance of the topic;

- statement of the problem and formulation of the research objectives;

- assessment of the quality of the author's analysis of the development degree of the topic in domestic and foreign literature;

- assessment of the adequacy of the methodological toolkit used by the author of the article;

- compliance of the material presented with the modern achievements of science;

- whether comprehensive references to the work of other authors defining the place of this article among other works have been given;

- reliability and validity of the information provided;

- assessment of the validity of scientific statements, conclusions and recommendations;

- reliability and novelty of the results obtained;

- the correspondence of the conclusions (results) to the tasks set, their completeness.

Requirements for presentation style:

- clarity of structure of the text;

- consistency, logical consistency and simplicity of presentation;

- clarity of definitions;

- the unambiguous use of terms;

- compliance with the norms of the modern Russian language.

The final part of the review justifies the conclusions about the feasibility of publishing an article in the Solovyov Studies. We offer the following conclusions:

- the article can be accepted for publication;

- the article cannot be accepted for publication;

- the article requires revision and re-reviewing.

In the case of a negative reviewer’s opinion, the conclusions should be sufficiently reasoned and clearly formulated in the final part of the review.

The review must be signed by its author, indicating the place of work, position, academic rank and degree, phone number and email addresses. The date is set.

The term for reviewing one article is ten days.

The review is sent electronically in Word and PDF.

The manuscript that has been modified taking into account the reviewer's comments must be returned to the same reviewer for re-examination no later than three weeks after receiving the comments. Authors can provide corrections with the necessary comments, up to disagreement with the reviewer's comments.

The reviewer's recommendations are not necessarily binding on the Editorial Board. The editorial Board reserves the right to make a final decision, including sending the article for additional review (as a rule, no more than two reviewers are involved in the examination).