Manuscript processing

  1. Materials and accompanying documents should be downloaded to the portal in accordance with the instructions of the item “Add manuscript” in the  "Editorial workflow" menu.
  2. The manuscript successively passes several stages of examination, the duration of each of which does not exceed three weeks.
  • The Editor-in-Chief of the journal reviews the manuscript for compliance with the journal's subject matter and requirements for the content of key components (annotations, articles, and bibliographic lists)., he makes a decision to accept the manuscript for consideration by one of the departments of the journal, reject it or return it for follow-on revision based on the results of this review.
  • In case of a positive decision, the materials of the manuscript are passed to the head of the relevant department, who evaluates the scientific level and topical direction of the article. According to the results of this pre-review, the head of the department sends the manuscript for review.
  • The Reviewer examines the manuscript in accordance with the journal's review policy (дать ссылку на страницу) and submits the review to the editor of the department that decides whether to recommend it for publication or send it for revision.
  1. The manuscript sent to the editor again after processing ("Editorial workflow" menu, "My manuscripts..." item, "Editing" tab on the returned manuscript form) is sent to the person (the Editor-in-chief or the head of the department), who made comments. Editor-in-chief or the head of the department organizes re-reviewing.
  2. In case of positive review, the manuscript is submitted to the Editor-in-chief, who decides to include it in one of the next issues and passes it to the technical editor to prepare for publication.
  3. The authors are informed about the decision to admit the manuscript or reject no later than three months after its receipt by the Editorial Board.
  4. In case of a positive decision, the authors are sent an email indicating the issue and section of the journal in which the article is supposed to be published.
  5. In case an article is rejected, the Editorial Staff sends motivated refuse to the author(s). (conclusion of the Editor-in-chief, head of the department).